5 Reasons "Who Winked Me" Makes Online Dating Better

Almost all dating starts on our phones-- the quick, convenient way to finding love. But for many skeptics out there, the idea of chatting among an assembly line of online faces just doesn't cut it in the romance department. So do we revive that classic face-to-face approach? Well realistically, that's been lost in the 90’s, along with other things that few people miss like flip phones and dial-up internet. But what if we could merge these two eras, combining the convenience of dating apps with the intimacy of old-school romance? Yup, it’s possible-- now there’s an even better way to chat, flirt and date on our phones! With the new dating app, WhoWinkedMe, people can actually meet in real time, bringing back the charm of classic dating.

1.You can chat face-to-face

There’s no romance when you’re hiding behind a phone screen. WhoWinkedMe brings interactions face-to-face using the real time feature. It allows users to use live video, similar to Facetime, making the dating process happen more naturally. Most other dating apps just focus on the chatting feature, but that approach is dry and unemotional. It’s important for users to talk to each other—with eye contact—before deciding whether to take things to the next stage.

2. It brings back “classic” dating

Don’t we all miss old-school dating? You know, the kind when the guy bravely introduces himself to a girl he finds attractive? These days, a kissy face emoji is probably the closest thing to intimacy -- well, almost, if you’re excluded from sending those x-rated selfies. Yet, with WhoWinkedMe, you’re getting an experience that feels closer to classic dating. You’re speaking to the person’s face, a more real and genuine interaction that puts the romance back into online dating!

3. You can organize your dating schedule

Say goodbye to cluttered dating weeks and scheduling mixups! WhoWinkedMe has a feature to book your dates, letting you arrange and track all of your meets. So whether you’re a forgetful flop or a chronic serial dater (hopefully not), there’s no more chaos or confusion. You even get alerts for scheduled dates-- could life get any easier?

4. You can map your date’s location

With the user’s permission (of course), WhoWinkedMe has a location feature. It shows a world map so you can zoom-in on the location of the person you’re chatting with. The map is designed to eliminate any confusion about where the user lives, saving you needless time cruising around on Google-maps.

5. Find halfway date spots easily

Tired of playing dating geography? You can use the map feature to decide a mutually accessible spot for a date. No more bargaining or researching locations because all the halfway hotspots are right there in front of you! It essentially removes all the headache and legwork associated with online dating. You’re welcome!